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Product development

Of plastic and rubber products

Rupla product development is specialized in product development of plastic and rubber products. Product development from idea to concept to a final end product. The complete product development trajectory is possible at Rupla product development. Product development start most of the time with an idea and/or need, I can visualize it through a 3D drawing in which the design and technical element will be processed. After that it’s possible to research the feasibility of the product and the best way to develop and produce the product can be researched. I will make a prototype in SLS with PA material in order to test the product and it’s functionality. After that the tools to make the product will be requested. This can be an injection mold but also extrusion tools or molds to produce rubber products. For injection molds a mold flow analysis will be conducted. With this analysis the size and position of the injection can be decided. Also the deformation and tension in the product will be visible and can be changed in your  design. This will also show which machine the product should be produced on. I can make a calculation to decide the final cost price of a product, for this the raw material is of high importance and it should be decided which is the best material for this product. I can also help in the efficient packaging of the product.