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My name is Leon Gosens, I’m the owner of Rupla product development Ltd. From 1999 on I’ve been working in plastics, I started as production coordinator at Sunware BV, in 2007 I’ve started working as a product manager at Zoontjens, I’m still responsible for the total product development there. From 1999 on I’ve built an extensive network in the plastic industry. From injection molders in The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Portugal to toolmakers in The Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgary and Slovenia.

In October 2015 I started Rupla product development Ltd where I focus on product development from plastic and rubber products and moulds. I can develop product ideas, a product improvement from plastic and/or rubber products to making 3D drawings, ellaborating ideas or sharp quotations for molds and for making mold flow analyzes. Everything is possible.